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Change management-never ending story May 2, 2006

Posted by pinaki in open thread.

As I was in retrospective mood, reviewing the changes I had gone through from child hood to mid-career phase , I remembered Tony’s statement about ” change being constant but progress is not” . I always used to admire GE for their six- sigma Philosophy. GE stills ranks among the most admired companies in Forbes recent survey.Then I said to myself companies that manage innovation and change with times survive , but what about those that don’t , do they just fade away , perish or rise again like the phoenix.. what about things that don’t change , Where do they end up? , what about relativity? or like the sun rising and setting every day. Is there a change in its pattern ?.. blame it on nature, any way unpredictable..then again changing of seasons..confusing may be. May be some things don’t change , we only see it in different light. just to drive home my point , i take a hypothetical case of two people fighting let us say A & B. It seems they catch the attention of uncle sam, uncle sam invites them to camp david for talks and high tea. talks go on well they sign some agreements , flash their pearly whites to the ABC,BBC,and CBC..( i mean the media) ..and once they reach their destinations , they again resume their fights ..eye for eye , toe for toe..

After some time uncle sam gives up failing to make any peace, God the only almighty ,comes in to try his luck. God addresses person A, Look my son , you should love thy neighbour..Person A replies ,” look god there is no love lost between us, we only love to hate each other”..God thinks , may be it will work with a little paraphrasing , so god tries again..” let there be peace my child” .. Well English is a funny language ;upon which Person B replies yes god , I have got my piece , and he has got his piece ..I mean piece of action….

God is now exasperated, turns to his angel to find an everlasting solution .The angel thinks fora while as says God , everthought of HOLY MATRIMONY , the relationships between man and his wife , we blessed. “what about that ?” god asks..

Well you see God “they are also fighting , they fought yesterday, they are fighting today and may be fight tommorrow”. So what is the difference. Some things don’t change, god , you have to accept life as it comes. Now God is looking for a quick fix , gets disturbed, upon which angel tells God , well English is a funny language , just remove the letter ” W” and instead of 26 alphabets , we will have 25. how does that help ?, god inquires.

Well for starters, God, NO WISHES to grant, NO WAR, NO WORLD , NO WORRIES to come by, No WEDDINGsto conduct and NO WOMEN …….So GOD thinks for a while and comes back ,isn’t that unfair to WOMEN ? , I mean we are still stuck with O MEN!!.Upon which his angel replies , ever heard of package deal GOD, you buy one you get one free , yes so don’t worry . Now GOD thinks even further and perplexed ” so what you are trying to say after we finish removing “W” ,we will become ‘E” and we won’t have any “WORK”. “Exactly GOD , now you are getting it; his angel replies…Well god is not too happy about that solution, requests for a more practical solution. ” Well you see god, they are young, with raging hormones , when they are old and senile, into their prime, we will try and put some sense to them, may be they will understand then. So God agrees to come back after 60 years , to his surprise find both the persons are still in their mid-20s . How did this happen , he inquires with his angel .Well God, you see , there was a supply and demand problem , so we had to recycle whatever came our way.As God begins to ponder on what to do next , person A speaks up: “GOD , I know you are trying to get us PEACE ,but if there is peace every where, just tell me , whom do I fight next ?.. Angel to GOD, “what if he decides to fight you ? “. GOD gets the idea ,turns to person A, well SON , I actually came here to bless you for HOLY MATRIMONY!!!. Some things don’t CHANGE..in our life times perhaps.

GOD with his perseverance , will wait like the good old shepherd , until all his cattle finally come home .. Until then this story will NEVER END!!!!!!!!!!!!!.



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