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Fourth states of Matter and Consciousness May 10, 2006

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In hindu philosophy,Turiya is a state of pure consciousness, or the experience of ultimate reality and truth. It is a fourth state of consciousness that underlies and at the same time transcends three common states of consciousness: (i) the state of waking consciousness (jagrata), (ii) the state of dreaming (svapna), (iii) and dreamless sleep (susupti). In fact

The Mandukya Upanishad defines turiya as follows,

“The fourth state is not that which is conscious of the subjective, nor that which is conscious of the objective, nor that which is conscious of both, nor that which is simple consciousness, nor that which is all-sentient mass, nor that which is all darkness. It is unseen, transcendent, the sole essence of the consciousness of self, the completion of the world

In other words consciousness is the constant factor in all the three states and it is unaffected by the presence or absence of objects. Consciousness itself does not require to be revealed by another consciousness. It is self-revealed.While everything is presented to consciousness and is revealed by it, consciousness itself is not presented to anything else. It is never an object in relation to another subject. It is that which underlies both subject and object. It is the fourth, the turiya, the brahman. If one looks at the AUM/OM symbol ,the three sates and the fourth state can be clearly understood.Not only does the sound vibration of the AUM/OM represent the four levels of consciousness, so too does the visual symbol.

  • The lower curve represents the Gross, Conscious, Waking state level ( jagrat), called Vaishvanara.
  • The center curve represents the Subtle, Unconscious, and Dreaming level( svapna), called Taijasa.
  • The upper curve represents the Causal, Subconscious,& Deep Sleep level( susupti), called Prajna.
  • The dot, point, or bindu represents the fourth state, the absolute consciousness, which encompasses, permeates, and is the other three, and is called Turiya.
  • The arc below the dot symbolizes the separateness of this fourth state, standing above, though ever remaining part of the other three. Piercing the bindu finally allows one to attain the highest experience, and this comes after following the process of Kundalini Awakening.

“Divine state of bliss” is what Turiya is.
God as turiya

Bhagavata Purana 11.15.16 describes Bhagavan with the words turiyakhye (the fourth), the meaning of which is found in the Bhagavad Gita 7.13:

tribhir guna-mayair bhavair ebhih sarvam idam jagat

mohitam nabhijanati mam ebhyah param avyayam

“Deluded by the three [gunas], the whole world does not know Me, who am above them and inexhaustible.”

It is the fourth state of the famous Taraka-Raja-Yoga system in India, equivalent to a raising and temporary coalescence of the human consciousness with the atman, otherwise called nirvana. In this turiya state the divine self is perceived by the individual entitative self as its parent; and the atman thus is realized to be in its essence free of any mayavi distinction from its universal divine source. Turiya, the highest of all the states into which the consciousness may cast itself or be cast, “which is a practical annihilation of the ordinary human consciousness, is an attainment of union with atma-buddhi overshadowing or working through the higher manas. Actually, therefore, it is becoming at one with the monadic essence” (OG 72).
Turiya is a state or condition of consciousness which to the eye of an observer seems to be that of the deepest abstraction from things of the material world — that state which to most people would seem to be a complete or perfect trance, physically speaking. The higher consciousness of the human being, often unconsciously to the brain-mind consciousness, enters into turiya and brings about for the physical person a condition of perfectly dreamless sleep; however, it is a state of the highest or most exalted spiritual and intellectual activity.

“In Pralaya, or the intermediate period between two manvantaras, it [the monad] loses its name, as it loses it when the real ONE self of man merges into Brahm in cases of high Samadhi (the Turiya state) or final Nirvana; ‘when the disciple’ in the words of Sankara, ‘having attained that primeval consciousness, absolute bliss, of which the nature is truth, which is without form and action, abandons this illusive body that has been assumed by the atma just as an actor (abandons) the dress (put on)’ .

Similarly when you look at matter “Plasma” …. There are three classic states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas; however, plasma is considered by some scientists to be the fourth state of matter. The plasma state is not related to blood plasma, the most common usage of the word; rather, the term has been used in physics since the 1920s to represent an ionized gas. Space plasma physics became an important scientific discipline in the early 1950s with the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts. Lightning is commonly seen as a form of plasma. Matter changes state as it is exposed to different physical conditions. Ice is a solid with hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O) molecules arranged in regular patterns, but if the ice melts, the H2O enters a new state: liquid water. As the water molecules are warmed, they separate further to form steam, which is a gas. In these classic states, the positive charge of each atomic nucleus equals the total charge of all the electrons orbiting around it so that the net charge is zero. Each entire atom is electrically neutral. Although plasma includes electrons and ions and conducts electricity, it is macroscopically neutral: in measurable quantities, the number of electrons and ions are equal. The charged particles are affected by electric and magnetic fields applied to the plasma, and the motions of the particles in the plasma generate fields and electric currents from within. This complex set of interactions makes plasma a unique, fascinating, and complex state of matter.

Plasma is found in both ordinary and exotic places. When an electric current is passed through neon gas, it produces both plasma and light. Lightning is a massive electrical discharge in the atmosphere that creates a jagged column of plasma. Part of a comet’s streaming tail is plasma from gas ionized by sunlight and other unknown processes. The Sun is a 1.5-million-kilometer ball of plasma, heated by nuclear fusion .

Scientists study plasma for practical purposes. In an effort to harness fusion energy on Earth, physicists are studying devices that create and confine very hot plasmas in magnetic fields. In space, plasma processes are largely responsible for shielding Earth from cosmic radiation, and much of the Sun’s influence on Earth occurs by energy transfer through the ionized layers of the upper atmosphere.

‘99.9 percent of the Universe is made up of plasma,’ says Dr. Gallagher (a plasma physicist), very little material in space is made of rock like the Earth, making it omnipresent.


Bhavani Ashtakam By Adi shankaracharya May 4, 2006

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Adi Sankaracharya’s Bhavani Ashtakam (translated by Mr. P.R Ramachander)

Na thatho, na matha, na bandur na datha, Na puthro, na puthri , na bruthyo , na bartha, Na jayaa na Vidhya, na Vruthir mamaiva, Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam Thwam ekaa Bhavani.

Neither the mother nor the father, Neither the relation nor the friend, Neither the son nor the daughter, Neither the servant nor the husband, Neither the wife nor the knowledge, And neither my sole occupation, Are my refuges that I can depend, Oh, Bhavani, So you are my refuge and my only refuge, Bhavani.

Bhavabdhava pare , Maha dhukha Bheeru, Papaatha prakami , pralobhi pramatha, Kam samsara pasa prabadha sadaham, Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam thwam ekaa Bhavani.

I am in this ocean of birth and death, I am a coward, who dare not face sorrow, I am filled with lust and sin, I am filled with greed and desire, And tied I am, by the this useless life that I lead, So you are my refuge and my only refuge, Bhavani.

Na Janaami Dhanam, Na cha dhyana yogam, Na janami thathram, na cha sthothra manthram, Na janami poojam, na cha nyasa yogam, Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam thwam ekaa Bhavani

Neither do I know how to give, Nor do I know how to meditate, Neither do I know Tantra, Nor do I know stanzas of prayer, Neither do I know how to worship, Nor do I know the art of yoga, So you are my refuge and my only refuge, Bhavani

Na janami Punyam, Na janami theertham, Na janami mukthim, layam vaa kadachit, Na janami bhakthim, vrutham vaapi maatha, Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam, thwam ekaa Bhavani.

Know I not how to be righteous, Know I not the way to the places sacred, Know I not methods of salvation, Know I not how to merge my mind with God, Know I not the art of devotion, Know I not how to practice austerities, Oh, mother, So you are my refuge and my only refuge, Bhavani

Kukarmi, kusangi, kubudhi, kudhasa, Kulachara heena, kadhachara leena, Kudrushti, kuvakya prabandha, sadaham, Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam, thwam ekaa Bhavani.

I Perform bad actions, I Keep company of bad ones, Think bad and sinful thoughts, Serve Bad masters, Belong to a bad family, Immersed I am in sinful acts, I See with bad intentions, I Write collection of bad words, Always and always, So you are my refuge and my only refuge, Bhavani.

Prajesam, Ramesam, Mahesam, Suresam, Dhinesam, Nisidheswaram vaa kadachit, Na janami chanyath sadaham saranye, Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam thwam ekaa Bhavani

Neither Do I know the creator, Nor the Lord of Lakshmi, Neither do I know the lord of all, Nor do I know the lord of devas, Neither do I know the God who makes the day, Nor the God who rules at night, Neither do I know any other Gods, Oh, Goddess to whom I bow always, So you are my refuge and my only refuge, Bhavani

Vivadhe, Vishadhe, pramadhe, pravase, Jale cha anale parvathe shatru madhye, Aranye, saranye sada maam prapahi, Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam, thwam ekaa Bhavani.

While I am in a heated argument, While I am immersed in sorrow, While I am suffering an accident, While I am travelling far off, While I am in water or fire, While I am on the top of a mountain, While I am surrounded by enemies, And while I am in a deep forest, Oh Goddess, I always bow before thee, So you are my refuge and my only refuge, Bhavani

Anadho, dharidro, jara roga yuktho, Maha Ksheena dheena, sada jaadya vakthra, Vipathou pravishta, pranshata sadhaham, Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam, thwam ekaa Bhavani.

While being an orphan, While being extremely poor, While affected by disease of old age, While I am terribly tired, While I am in a pitiable state, While I am being swallowed by problems, And While I suffer serious dangers, I always bow before thee, So you are my refuge and only refuge, Bhavani

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ATTITUDE…some thing to think about..,reflect and act.. May 4, 2006

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On attitude just a little calculation…

IF A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z equals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

then, H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K= 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% only

K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E = 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96% only

L+U+C+K = 12+21+3+11= 47% (don’t most of us think this is most important??) Then what makes 100% Is it Money? ……….. Leadership? ………. Health?………. NO !!! Every problem has a solution, only if we perhaps change our attitude.

To get to the top, to that 100% what we really need to go further… a bit more…. A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100 % So there we discovered it: It is OUR Attitude towards Life and Work that makes OUR Life 100%

Adi shankaracharya’s Composition sung by Swami vivekananda May 3, 2006

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1.Pratah smarami hridi samsphura ta twam Satchitsukham paramahansa gatim turiyam Yat swapna jagara sushupta mavaiti nityam Tad brahma nishkalamaham na cha bhuta sanghaha.

In the morning as I meet the dawn, I remember that my heart contains the God, the Beloved, who has not yet been defined and described. I remember that it is He who vibrates within my heart, enables me to breathe, to talk, to listen, to move. When I am thus aware, that it is He who lives and moves within me, then the three phases of consciousness, jagrat, swapna, sushupti : wakefulness, dreaming, and profound sleep, they are transcended into turiya, the fourth dimension, which is behind the wakefulness, the dream-consciousness, and the sleep-consciousness. When I thus remember, that the underlying current behind the wakefulness, the dream, and the sleep-consciousness is He, who lives and moves within me, then that awareness gives me sat chit sukham, the flavor of the truth, the reality, and the bliss that is the nature, the basic primary nature of life. Sat chit sukham. When I am always thus aware of the real nature of life, then I arrive at paramahansagatim turiyam. I arrive at a state of being that has been called by the ancient wise Indians “Paramahansa”, a swan that swims through the waters of duality. That is how a sanyasi is called a paramahansa, one who lives in the renunciation of that austere awareness that it is not he who lives, as separate from the universe, but that he is only an expression of the universal.. The state of paramahansa is the state where a person is aware that he is not a conglomeration of sense organs and only the five elements, but he is the nishkala Brahman, the supreme Brahman, the divinity, who has taken the dense form of a mind and a physical body.

(2) Pratara bhajami manaso vachasam agamyam Vacho vibhanti nikhila yadanugrahena Ya neti neti vachanaih nirgama avochu Tamdeva devam ajam achyutam ahuragryam

But my mind, when I am awake, needs some work to do. It cannot remain without movement. So I give it a job. “Pratara bhajami manaso” – by the mind – “vachasam agamyam” – by the mind I move. On the frontiers of the mind I give the mind a job to explore that which lies beyond its own frontiers, that which is not accessible to the word, to the speech, as well as to the mind. My mind asks me, “How shall I do it?” And I ask the mind to travel back, through the word, to the source of the word, the sound, and find out how the sound is born. I ask my mind to travel with the breath, to go inside: with the breath to travel. That is the only way you can find out how the sound is born, because breath and sound are woven together. All speech and all sound is a blessing of that unspoken, unstruck sound. And unless one discovers the source from which all sound is born, one shall never set oneself free from the power of the word, that intoxicates and distorts the mind; that intoxicates the mind and sweeps it off its balance. All the Upanishads and the Vedas have been searching for that source of sound. That source of breath. They arrived only at two words: na iti, na iti: it is “not this”, it is “not this.” So even the Vedas arrive at the point where nothing can describe and define. The source can only be experienced, the source can only be perceived and understood, but never defined and described. That is how the mind becomes silent. Not because I ask it, but while it is searching for the source of its own activity it takes a dive deep into silence, where the mind becomes the no-mind, where the knowing becomes the not-knowing. Then I understand that silence is the only speech through which life speaks, and I feel blessed when I am in that silence.

(3) Pratarnamami tamasah param arkavarnam Purnam sanatana padam purushottamakhyam Yasminnidam jagadashesham ashesamurtau Rajjuam bhujangama iva pratibhatitam vai.

But then comes the body. It wants to do something. To worship, to admire, to adore. So I give it a job. I ask my body to bow down before the light of the earth, the sun, who dispels darkness from all the corners of the earth. And I ask my body to expose itself to that darkness dispelling sun – ask it to find out how that sun enters into the body through the doors of the eyes, and through the pores of all the veins and nerves, every pore of my being. I want my body to find out which are the avenues through which the light is received. And when the body says, “It is the eyes through which the light enters,” I say, “Find out how the eyes can see the light. Is the light outside the eyes, or is it inside?” With the help of the mind, the body travels inward, to find out the source of the light. And it discovers that it is not a blind person who can receive the light from outside. He who has an eye can receive the light. So that which receives the light is greater than the light seen from outside. So I arrive at the source of light within me. And the awareness of that light dispels the illusion – the illusion and the fear that a man experiences when he see “rajo bhujangama” : when he see a rope in the darkness and he mistakes that for a snake, a cobra. I had mistaken the rope of duality for the snake and cobra of misery and sorrow. But the light dispels the darkness and I see that the duality is only a rope that cannot bind me in any way unless I bind myself with it. That light is the purushottam, that is sanatana – eternal. Purnam – that is perfect. The perfect eternity. The God divine. That is really my nature. I had mistaken the tensions of duality to be me, but then the light dispels all the darkness, and I get rooted back into the ajam, the aychutam – that which can never be swept off its feet. Ajam – that which was never born, and can never die. I am that.

This is the prayer composed by Shankaracharya, the majestic exponent of the philosophy of non-dualism, vedanta or advait. This was sung by Vivekananda very often, and it is really on this prayer that Vivekananda’s “Song of Sanyasin” is based, where he sings, in great ecstasy: They know not truth who dream such vacant dreams As father, mother, children wife and friend – The sexless Self, whose father, whose mother is he? The self is All in All, None else exists, and thou art that, Sanyasin bold, say ‘Om Tat Sat Om’. Where seekest thou that freedom? This world nor that can give you. Thine only is the hand, that holds the rope that drags thee on. Then cease lament, let go thy hold! Sanyasin bold! Say ‘Om Tat Sat Om!’

Adi Shankaracharya Ode to divine mother May 3, 2006

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1. Na mantram no yantram tadapi cha na jaane stuti maho Na chaawaanam dhyaanam tapi cha na jaane stuti kataha Na jaane mudraaste tadapi cha na jaane wilapanam Param jaane maatastwa danusharanam klesha haranam

I don’t know how to recite Your mantra, how to worship You with yantra, Nor do I know how to welcome you or meditate upon you. I don’t know how to pray to you or how to do Your mudra. Nor do I know how to open my heart to you and tell you of my suffering. But this I know, Oh MA! That to take refuge in you will destroy all my sorrow.

2. Widheragyaa nena dravina virahe naa lasatayaa Vidheyaa shakya twaa tawa charana yoryaa chyuti rabhoot Tadetat kshantavyam janani sakalo dhaa rini shiwe Kuputro jaayetaa kwachidapi kumaataa na bhawati

Because of my ignorance, poverty and sloth, I have not been able to worship Your feet. But Oh Mother! gracious Deliverer of all, All this should be forgiven, For a bad son may sometimes be born, But a bad mother, never…

3. Pritivyaam putraaste janani bahawa santi saralaah Param tesham madhye virala tara loham tawa sutah Madheeyo yam tyaagah samuchitamidam no tawa shiwe Kuputro jaayeta kwachidapi kumaataa na bhawati

Oh MA! You have so many worthy sons on earth But I am a worthless, Yet it isn’t right that You should abandon me For a bad son may sometimes be born in this world But a bad mother, never…

4. Jaggan maatar maata stawa charana sewa na rachitaa Na waa datam dewi dravina mapi bhooya stawa mayaa Tatapi twam sneham mayi niroopamam yatpra kurushe Kuputro jaayeta kwachi dapi kumaataa na bhawati

Oh Ma! Mother of the World. I have not worshipped Your feet Nor have I given wealth to You Yet the love and affection You bestow on me is without compare. For a bad son may sometimes be born in this world, But a bad mother, never…

5. Na mokshasya kanksha bhawa wibhawa waancha pichana me Na wigyaanaa peksha shashi mukhi sukhechaa pi na poonah Atastwaam sanyaache janani jananam yaatu mama wai Mridaanee Rudraanee Shiwaa Shiwaa Bhawaanee ti japatah

I have no desire for liberation Nor do I desire wealth or knowledge. Oh Moon-Faced One! I don’t even wish to be happy. But I beg only this of You, That my whole life may pass in the singing of these words: Mridaani, Rudraani, Shivaa, Shivaa, Bhavaani. [Names of the Goddess]

Change management-never ending story May 2, 2006

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As I was in retrospective mood, reviewing the changes I had gone through from child hood to mid-career phase , I remembered Tony’s statement about ” change being constant but progress is not” . I always used to admire GE for their six- sigma Philosophy. GE stills ranks among the most admired companies in Forbes recent survey.Then I said to myself companies that manage innovation and change with times survive , but what about those that don’t , do they just fade away , perish or rise again like the phoenix.. what about things that don’t change , Where do they end up? , what about relativity? or like the sun rising and setting every day. Is there a change in its pattern ?.. blame it on nature, any way unpredictable..then again changing of seasons..confusing may be. May be some things don’t change , we only see it in different light. just to drive home my point , i take a hypothetical case of two people fighting let us say A & B. It seems they catch the attention of uncle sam, uncle sam invites them to camp david for talks and high tea. talks go on well they sign some agreements , flash their pearly whites to the ABC,BBC,and CBC..( i mean the media) ..and once they reach their destinations , they again resume their fights ..eye for eye , toe for toe..

After some time uncle sam gives up failing to make any peace, God the only almighty ,comes in to try his luck. God addresses person A, Look my son , you should love thy neighbour..Person A replies ,” look god there is no love lost between us, we only love to hate each other”..God thinks , may be it will work with a little paraphrasing , so god tries again..” let there be peace my child” .. Well English is a funny language ;upon which Person B replies yes god , I have got my piece , and he has got his piece ..I mean piece of action….

God is now exasperated, turns to his angel to find an everlasting solution .The angel thinks fora while as says God , everthought of HOLY MATRIMONY , the relationships between man and his wife , we blessed. “what about that ?” god asks..

Well you see God “they are also fighting , they fought yesterday, they are fighting today and may be fight tommorrow”. So what is the difference. Some things don’t change, god , you have to accept life as it comes. Now God is looking for a quick fix , gets disturbed, upon which angel tells God , well English is a funny language , just remove the letter ” W” and instead of 26 alphabets , we will have 25. how does that help ?, god inquires.

Well for starters, God, NO WISHES to grant, NO WAR, NO WORLD , NO WORRIES to come by, No WEDDINGsto conduct and NO WOMEN …….So GOD thinks for a while and comes back ,isn’t that unfair to WOMEN ? , I mean we are still stuck with O MEN!!.Upon which his angel replies , ever heard of package deal GOD, you buy one you get one free , yes so don’t worry . Now GOD thinks even further and perplexed ” so what you are trying to say after we finish removing “W” ,we will become ‘E” and we won’t have any “WORK”. “Exactly GOD , now you are getting it; his angel replies…Well god is not too happy about that solution, requests for a more practical solution. ” Well you see god, they are young, with raging hormones , when they are old and senile, into their prime, we will try and put some sense to them, may be they will understand then. So God agrees to come back after 60 years , to his surprise find both the persons are still in their mid-20s . How did this happen , he inquires with his angel .Well God, you see , there was a supply and demand problem , so we had to recycle whatever came our way.As God begins to ponder on what to do next , person A speaks up: “GOD , I know you are trying to get us PEACE ,but if there is peace every where, just tell me , whom do I fight next ?.. Angel to GOD, “what if he decides to fight you ? “. GOD gets the idea ,turns to person A, well SON , I actually came here to bless you for HOLY MATRIMONY!!!. Some things don’t CHANGE..in our life times perhaps.

GOD with his perseverance , will wait like the good old shepherd , until all his cattle finally come home .. Until then this story will NEVER END!!!!!!!!!!!!!.